Peer to Peer Spoken Language Translation?!

Yes! A network of people just like you (who happen to speak 2 or more languages) provide their translation skills on-demand at an affordable rate.

Quality is key to your translation needs yet we all take quality in this sense to mean many things, don't we?

So WeSpeak was built to allow providers to *wow* you into selecting their translation services through their service provider profile which includes information like background on the provider, feedback from previous users and their Translation Reputation Score (TRScore). A provider's TRScore is based on a variety of factors, some of which being how many successful translation sessions they have completed, user feedback scores, verified background information and accreditation to name a few. In addition, the TRScore is tied directly to one language pair (ie: English <> Spanish) so providers must earn their TRScore in every new language pair they offer.

The result is that you are quite comfortable with your personal network of translators; any one of which ready at a moments notice.

The uses for on-demand translation are endless and can really bring valuable insight to any multi-lingual situation. So allow us to illuminate some of these uses with example scenarios:

  1. Business Meetings: planned or ad-hoc
  2. Casual Situations: negotiating daily needs or getting 'un-lost'
  3. Presentations: slides and the actual talk
  4. Document Translation: sales material, websites, blogs...

In addition, WeSpeak is perfect for sponsorship by Governments, Universities and NGOs of growth economies. Areas of growing economic prosperity receive many foreign visitors and in turn send many of its nationals abroad. By sponsoring WeSpeak; Governments, Universities, NGOs and the like help by making an investment in their ability to serve a truly global market. Simply put, P2P Translation Services are great for extending communications in a cost effective way.

Multi-lingual communication clearly is a social benefit.